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The new natural stone façade

LINEA – The new natural stone façade

Sustainable and economical

Innovative technical design

Elegance and superior architectural quality


The patent-pending ventilated cladding system LINEA is arranged using smaller stone patterns and offers a wide variety of design options for the realization of high-end natural stone façades.

Our cladding systems consist of specific components that can be precisely combined and thus offer unrivaled flexibility in façade design. The simple installation and comprehensive manual bring our systems to the pinnacle in the world of façade design.

The inconspicuous aluminum sub-construction allows for fast and efficient installation of natural stone panels in a variety of dimensions, colours, and finishes. The revolutionary LINEA system enables the mounting of natural stone panels for small pattern claddings in an economical and mechanically safe way that was previously not feasible.

The LINEA sub-construction consists of specialized vertical profiles and clips. These vertical profiles can be fixed to any type of primary sub-construction made of aluminum, steel or wood. Clip positions are pre-drilled on the vertical profiles using CNC machines to match the different panel dimensions and ensure an accurately fitted joint pattern. The clips can also be pre-installed on the profiles upon request.

The natural stone panels are grooved on the backside allowing anchoring in the clip. The stones can be calibrated to identical or intentionally different thicknesses to achieve customized esthetic properties such as shadow effects to better realize the clients’ visions.

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Product advantages

  • Versatile design options through a wide range of natural stones and finishes
  • Small joints and inconspicuous anchoring
  • Variable panel heights for an individualized cladding design
  • Economical, small pattern natural stone cladding
  • Stress-free anchoring of the individual stone panels
  • Panels can be individually mounted and dismantled
  • Economical design and installation utilizing random length pieces
  • Simple installation of pre-configured profile components regardless of weather conditions
  • Exceptional sustainability with regards to natural resources, energy efficiency, durability and recyclability
  • Realization of passive house standard in connection with a thermal-bridge free sub-construction from Gasser Fassadentechnik AG or BWM Dübel+Montagetechnik GmbH

Range of materials

Top of the line Dietfurt natural stones are ideally suited for different surface finishes. Their natural and timeless colours offer an enormous variety of design options and can be tailored to each client’s vision.

Dietfurt Limestone gala beige
Dietfurt Dolomite
Dietfurt Travertine
Dietfurt Limestone gala beige
Dietfurt Limestone grey
Dietfurt Limestone beige vein-cut
Dietfurt Limestone gala beige
Dietfurt Dolomite
Dietfurt Limestone gala beige
Dietfurt Limestone gala beige
Dietfurt Limestone beige
Dietfurt Limestone Bavarian Gold

Installation sequence

Technical data

Natural stones

Dietfurt Limestone, Dietfurt Dolomite, Dietfurt Travertine
Origin: Treuchtlingen-Dietfurt (Bavaria), Germany

Panel thickness

30 to 40 mm (alternatives available upon request)

Panel dimensions

Panel heights: 120 to 200 mm (alternatives available upon request)
Panel lengths: random lengths up to 900 mm (alternatives available upon request)


Inconspicuous clip system


  • sandblasted   
  • honed   
  • brushed
  • bush-hammered   
  • Splitline   
  • Rockface



All panels are 100 % lightfast and UV stable


6.3, non-flammable


Natural stone and sub-construction are completely recyclable


Suited for Minergie Eco

Additional features

Top quality workmanship and project specific fabrication finished in our own factories allow for simple and installation-friendly fixing


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Distribution partners

Germany / Europe

Franken-Schotter GmbH & Co. KG

Hungerbachtal 1
91757 Treuchtlingen-Dietfurt

+49 9142 802 413


Switzerland / Liechtenstein

GFD Fassaden AG

Schuppisstrasse 7
9016 St. Gallen

+41 71 282 40 00



Pichl 100
8973 Pichl

+43 6454 666 30 0

About us

Natural stone façades are our passion – besides consulting and planning, we are specialized in the state-of-the-art production of inspiring and innovative cladding solutions in connection with our proprietary sub-constructions.

We realize your ideas professionally and implement entire solutions with the highest esthetic, technical, safety and sustainability standards.

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